come.  sit.  stay.
Fa la la la la la LA!!
Happy, Merry EVRYTHING!!

D e c e m b e r    S p e c i a l s
Baby...It's cold outside!!

Soup...3.95/4.45/4.95     Chili...4.45/4.95/5.45

                       SOUP                                                    CHILI
       Chicken Dumpling        (both served everey day)           Carolina Bourban Chili
Please call for the Soup Du Jour~~906.776.2233

Slice of quiche w/cup of soup-$8.95...w/mini salad-$10.95

Choose from 3 Daily Quiches baked fresh every morning!!
   Classic Lorraine (cheddar & bacon)  
 Chicken & Broccoli   Greek Feta    Veggie
 Spinach & Artichoke    Asparagus & Mushroom

SALAD~~The Raspberry Chicken  $10.95/7.95
Mixed greens, chicken, broccoli, bacon, cranberries, aged asiago & parmesan w/raspberry vinaigrette.

DELI~~The Wilbur  $8.95/5.95
Carving ham, swiss cheese, bacon, thinly sliced apples, leaf lettuce and our mango aoili served on our wehatberry bread.
Grilled WRAP~~The Chickie-la-la  $9.95/6.95
Chicken, broccoli, carrots, green pepper, cucumber
cheddar cheese, baby spinach with our pesto aoili grilled on our lo-carb wrap.

PANINI~~Grilled cheese w/tomatoes & bacon $9.95/6.95
We spread a little of our to die for garlic butter on our panini bread
and then we puts lots of cheddar & swiss and add roma tomatoes with bacon.  Mmmm...

PANINI~~The Cape Horn  $9.95/6.95
Turkey, real cranberry sauce, cream cheese, provolone
w/a little horsey aoili and baby spinach grilled on our panini bread.

PIZZA~~The Greek  $10.95
Chicken, tomatoes, black olives, red onion,
a little extra virgin olive oil w/garlic drizzled over baby spinach
add feta cheese, topped with parmesan and baked on our lo-carb wrap.
Can't decide??  . . .C H O O S E ( 2 ). . .  Can't decide??   
~~This is the option when you just can't decide~~
Choose 1/2 a sandwich & add a special size soup or mini salad of your choice
1/2 Deli w/ soup...$8.95  w/mini salad...$10.95

1/2 Wrap w/ soup...$9.95  w/mini salad...$11.95
1/2 Panini w/ soup...$9.95 w/mini salad...$11.95

We welcome special orders, so please~~add to it, take it away,
question if we have it? extra it!  side it!